• Tuscan Landscape. Composite painting based on two painted sketches done in Tuscany, outside Florence. Oil on canvas. 

  • Sleeping Woman 1. Oil on canvas. Painted concurrently with Sleeping Woman 2

  • Sleeping Woman 2. Oil on canvas. Painted concurrently with Sleeping Woman 1.

  • View From the Zephyr

    View From the Zephyr

    Oil on canvas, with wood structure and model trains. 

  • Cover Art for Opera as Opera by Conrad L. Osborne. Depicts materials aging as they move down the page--velvet fades and stains and gold leaf cracks. Oil on canvas. 

  • Snowy Sunset. Watercolor and white acrylic on paper. 

  • Corks in a Jar. Oil on canvas. 

  • Landscape. Oil on canvas. 

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